Work Smarter Not Harder!


New moms today, have changed the idea of “stay-at-home” moms. Especially in the UAE, where domestic help is available and more importantly affordable. Their role is no longer limited to cooking, feedings or diaper change. Most “stay-at-home” moms are now focusing on earning a side income or a higher degree, freelancing, or setting up their own business.
Priorities change when you become a parent, but in today’s world, moms can no longer afford any lack in productivity, and only chose to continue their own mental and financial growth without compromising on parenting, social presence or self-growth.
Finding this balance is and will always be a challenge but a challenge that can be overcome with dedication, determination and much flexibility!

Here are a few tips to get you started,

Make your own space
Set up a small desk in a quiet place in which you are comfortable working and where you know, you will not be interrupted.

Get dressed
Avoid working in your PJ’s. Sure, it sounds tempting and comfortable at the beginning, but you will soon feel the need to put on something a bit more formal to get into work mode. Doing so will also give you a sense of self-discipline to focus on your tasks, and the confidence to rush to an urgent meeting if need be.

Set limits
Be clear about your working hours. Explain to your children that you cannot cater to their needs while you are working and make sure you have the help you need with younger children. If your children are a bit older, plan a routine that works around your schedule. Make that clear to your clients and do set a specific time for meetings or conference calls.

Manage your tasks
It is hard to stay focused when you have young children especially during those early years when you are awake at night most of the time, and that’s quite normal, so listen to your body and manage your tasks accordingly.

Be Flexible
Working from home is tough and could drain you if you don’t follow a fixed schedule, but sometimes you might not be in control of the circumstances around you. You might need to cater to a sick child, an overtired toddler or an emergency pickup, so be ready to shift from businesswoman to mommy mode at any given time!

Spend Quality time with your children
Children demand attention 24 / 7 but an hour of quality time can get you two hours of free time to focus on your own things.

Take care of yourself
Don’t let yourself go! Take care of yourself by preparing your meals, enjoying your workouts and going out with friends. Reenergize your body and soul to keep accomplishing greatness.


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