Founders Of Party Kracker: “Mandeep and Christiane”


Mandeep and Christiane are two multi-tasking mamas with fields in the line of work. While  Mandeep’s creativity led her to Fashion, Christiane found her groove with the software business. But what unites these two beautiful mamas is their mutual love for organizing parties and finding the perfect vendor who will deliver the most fantastic experience! They wanted to create a one part guide and one part party concierge to help plan the ideal event, be it children’s birthdays, milestone anniversaries or baby showers. The directory lists some of the best vendors in each category, making Party planning a piece of cake! Continue reading to know more about Party Kracker and how it came to be! 

What inspired you to create your website?
As multi-tasking moms, we know all about the endless do-to lists, the time spent on finding the perfect vendor, entertainer and, of course, the perfect cake! We wanted to make party planning easier for mums and give mompreneurs and small businesses a platform to showcase their creative concepts! And all that comes together in PartyKracker, where we have created a community of curated vendors, making it the one-stop shop for party planning. We also encourage our vendors to collaborate to deliver the perfect party experience.

How did you manage to launch your project amidst such a challenging time, and what do you find most rewarding? 
The pandemic hit a pause button on events, and Party Kracker came at the perfect time to shine the spotlight on these business owners. We’re focusing on intimate celebrations and how we can celebrate with family/friends who are apart as well at this time. When the world is a better place, our vendors will be there to organize extraordinary events for you!

How do you collaborate with your vendors?
Our vendors bring their A-game to every celebration! We love their creativity, quality of work and ability to think out of the box. All the vendors we collaborate with share the same work ethos as us, and we all want the same thing—to create the best and most memorable events!

In your opinion, what should a host look for before planning her own event?
Any event needs to be planned down to nearly every detail. Start with planning a budget and the all-important theme! Make a list (we love them!) with the number of guests (adults and children) and the flow of the event. Pro tip: Ensure a lot of time for photos and plan the entertainment according to the age group. We honestly believe that if you pre-plan, the hostess can mingle with guests and enjoy her celebration too!

What makes you stand out amongst other businesses similar to yours? 
We love parties and get to know our vendors—what their strengths are, what drives them—and highlight their USP to make it easy for our users to match with the perfect vendor. Our party directory is extensive and covers every category you need to plan an awesome party.

Any advice for others looking to venture into the same business? 
First, study the market, see what gaps you can fill with your business and take your time planning the business. The key factor is to differentiate your business from competitors with innovative out-of-the-box thinking. Use social media to promote your business and focus on collaborations with platforms like Cloudhoods to get your message across to the right audience.

What are your top 3 tips for the perfect at-home Party? 
Plan, Prep and then Party! Plan the guestlists, the flow of the event right from photo ops when guests arrive, and where the food and cake table will be set up. Entertainment depends on the age group and is an essential factor in making a party memorable! Hop onto our website to select the perfect vendor who will bring your vision to life; right from the party planner to the entertainment; we have you sorted. If you are stuck for inspiration, our mood boards will surely ignite a spark!


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