Alternatives To Traditional “Trick or Treat” Tables


While traditional treat tables remain a big hit, it’s always best to consider some non-candy alternatives.

Let’s include everyone in on the fun this Halloween, by supporting parents whose child might have allergies to food coloring, gluten or certain diet restriction.
Your little trick or treaters can choose a few options from some edible and non-edible alternative to unnecessary sugars listed below:

  • Homemade popcorn bags
  • Fruits cut up into Halloween inspired shapes: apples and bananas are the easiest to work with. You can stick some seeds, almonds or pine nuts on them to make them a bit spooky. You can even draw a scary face on a pumpkin or mandarin and stick fruit skewers in it!
  • Corn on a stick
  • Organic mini honey jars
  • Small toys: the most popular is coloring pens, non-toxic glow sticks, and bracelets, bubbles, Halloween themed bouncy balls and good quality Play-Doh sticks


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