Mama Knows Best! 6 Mess-Free Mealtime Essentials


Once your child advances from infancy into the early toddler stages, they are curious to discover the world with all its sense, from touch to taste. As mothers, we face the biggest challenge of finding the right feeding tools to encourage independence and avoid hazardous accidents. These items need to be meticulously chosen to help meet your child’s developmental needs and help you get that nutritious meal into your child’s belly with the least possible mess.

So to help you on throughout this exciting journey, we’ve compiled a set of mealtime essentials suitable for different places and occasions.

Silicone Cutlery

Even if your toddler is learning to develop a sense of independence, they can still be rightfully clumsy and excited around anything that involves food! So turning to silicone cutlery and plates can help you reduce the risk of incidents! Especially if you’re dining out with your family and friends. 

Stay-Put Suction Bowls

Stay-Put suction bowls are an excellent way to minimize the risk of having children drop that plates as they stick on any surface. This way, you or your toddler can easily scoop food out of them without food spills and much less public embarrassment. 


Toddlers love having their comfy chairs. Sitting in a separate chair incites them to be more disciplined and active. In addition, they are more likely to enjoy sitting still on a chair that is just the right fit, as it is multifunctional, which allows your child to stay distracted with little toys until their meal is ready to be served. An excellent alternative to screens, don’t you think so? It will also make feeding time less stressful for you, mama. 

Divided Plates

At this stage, your toddler taste buds are developing along with their nutritional needs. Divider plates come in different styles and prints, which your baby will enjoy early. Babies love exploring the different textures and tasting various food flavours. Divider plates also help separate wet food from dry food, as some children are sensitive this allows your child some time to enjoy each food group before eventually mixing it all on their own 😉

Bento Lunchboxes

Bento lunch boxes have pre-portioned food trays that guide you through packing nutritious and hassle-free lunches! A good quality lunchbox can be super stylish, safe to use, and helps keep food fresh for longer. 

Click Lock Straw Sip Cup

This is such an effective way to train your toddler to drink from a straw or sipping cup. Ideal for older babies transitioning out of bottle feeding, allow them to drink from a regular cup independently eventually. It’s so convenient for little hands holding a cup at any angle without the mess.

These are some of our suggestions to make your toddler’s mealtime more fun and manageable both at home and preschool. 


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