6 Tips For Flying With A Toddler


HO-HO-HO! Christmas is just around the corner! Travel is an enriching experience that families anticipate. We look forward to reuniting with loved ones or even touring the world. Exposing our children to different cultures makes them smarter, more creative, more flexible and tolerant of others.
All this, however, does come with a price – our Sanity at 35000 feet above ground 🙂

Although what works well with some kids might not work with others, one thing is for sure – planning ahead is key!

Plan ahead.
Try to book a flight that fits your child’s’ schedule. If you know your child sleeps well on the plane, book your flight around that time. If on the contrary, your child might skip a nap and get all cranky then better make sure she is well fed and rested before the flight.

Provide entertainment.
Pack board games, stickers, coloring books and stories to keep your child busy. Make sure you pack extras of your child’s’ toy cars, favorite colors or accessories to avoid unnecessary tantrums on the flight and travel with your tablets if they keep your children busy.

Pack your own meals.
Airplane child meals and juice boxes are loaded with sugar. This is not ideal if you are expecting your child to sit still for hours! Some kids simply cannot tolerate airline food – for some reason, their favorite pasta or nuggets suddenly taste “funny”- therefore pack your own lunch and snacks.
A good size thermal can store a healthy homemade lunch portion for up to 5 or 6 hours. For snacks, simply pack whatever you think works for your child! Avoid any dairy products such as yogurt, cheese, cake or any dip with mayo. The last thing you want to deal with is a tummy ache or indigestion so stick to crackers, cereal, homemade popcorn, and solid fruits.

Pack extra clothing.
If you think an extra pair of clothing is enough, think again! Take it from moms who have been puked AND pooped on 🙂  Take a double pair of clothing, underwear, PJ’s, wipes and don’t underestimate how quickly pacifiers, bottles or even eyeglasses vanish under your seat.

Make sure you have enough milk supply.
Fresh milk is always a challenge to pack with the known liquid restrictions through security. However, if you happen to pass by a food court at the airport you can find readily packed milk bottles in most restaurants.  If you are using powdered milk or formula make sure you have enough supply throughout the trip and the ride home.

Grab your basic medication.
You’re lucky if you can get a Tylenol tablet on some airlines so make sure you have your child’s’ basic medication to control sudden fever or pain until landing.

Any other tips you would like to share with the rest of us? We would love to know your thoughts in the comment box below


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