5 Tips To Getting Your Kids Back on Track For School


With school starting in the next couple of weeks, some may start feeling the pressure of getting their families back to their old routine. Earlier wake up times and bedtimes, after-school activities and rearranged schedules, top it with busy days at the office, all this is a drastic change from the laid-back summer days.

Transitioning from vacation-mode to school-mode is always a tough adjustment for your child to make, but you can ease this challenge with these simple tips:

Prepare Yourself: 
Get into the mood yourself, by waking up a bit earlier than everyone else, a few days before establishing a consistent routine for the entire family. Parents need time to adapt to those hectic mornings as well, to getting everyone out the door on time and maybe, just maybe, enjoy a healthy breakfast together!

Set earlier bedtimes:
Start your child’s’ bedtime routine 10 minutes earlier each day, till you reach your goal. Keep in mind the age and needs of your child.  Toddlers and preschoolers usually need between 9 to 11 hours of sleep after a relaxing bedtime ritual.

Have Empathy: 
Getting back to regular routine hours is tough to do, even for adults. Put yourself in your child’s’ shoes and give yourself around a week to succeed. Start by setting your child’s expectations. Discuss what her morning routine will be like during school days and why it is important to prepare for it the night before. Children tend to cooperate more when they understand that rules are set out of love for their own benefit.  Give simple instructions and praise your child for following through…

Show enthusiasm: 
A little encouragement goes a long way, especially if your child feels a bit anxious about starting the school year. Talk about new friends, the interesting things she will learn, the hobbies she would like to practice after school and shop around for new supplies together. The more you show a positive attitude towards school the easier your child will acclimate towards this transition.

Unplug your child:
Limiting screen time is a challenge in summer, and it’s an even a bigger struggle unplugging kids from their devices at the beginning of the school year. To cut down on video games and tablets be ahead of the game and prepare yourself for the coming tantrums by having some activities in mind to prevent boredom. During the first couple of weeks make their downtime your priority, be strict about your new screen schedule, take a deep breath and remember … this too shall pass 🙂


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