Latest Decor Trends for Nurseries and Children’s’ Room


Whether you are expecting your first born, or only looking to give your child’s room a little makeover, their room should be fun and versatile, to adapt to their growing age. Are you mamas haunting down the latest nursery trends? Here are a few tips and trends to get you started.

Wall Paint/Wall Stickers
One of the most accessible and most affordable ways to update your child’s nursery is with wall color or easy to apply Wall Stickers. The color of your nursery is probably the first and most important decision you will have to make as it will be the base for everything else to put in place. Soft and minimalist colors are still in, but we are also seeing more vibrant hues recently. We are witnessing darker greens, shades of blue pops of mustard yellow and golden colors used as accents or highlights. Greys, muted blues and purple hues such as lavender are also huge right now.

Black is Back!
When it comes to kids rooms, the monochrome trend has always been controversial, but more and more modern families were embracing this trend in 2018, so it is still going strong.

Last Spring/Summer we saw the surge of the pastel trend. Pastel colors can bring softness and warmth to any space, transforming it into a whimsical wonderland. This season, keep it warm and muted, mixing your pinks with soft tones of grey. Pair different textures together like linen and wood, for a grown-up feel. Remember, you don’t have to go all the way pastel with your walls and ceiling as just a few pops of pastel colors, and statement pieces and accessories can make all the difference.

If you don’t want to go all out pastel, you could incorporate some feature pieces like seating to make a statement. Our range of Dip-in Pomme Kids tables and stools are whimsical and bring a little fun to a kid’s room or playroom.

Arty Influence
Don’t be afraid to move away from the safe cute and cuddly animal designs into the realm of modern art and design. We are seeing a lot of talented illustrators create beautiful collections of room décor accessories. Scatter these pieces around your baby’s room, and they will definitely grab his or her attention.

Unicorns and Dinosaurs we are seeing this trend all over girls and boys clothing, and there is no stopping it anytime soon. This trend is pretty easy to incorporate, as there is no shortage of unicorn and dino accessories, and it is an easy win for toddlers and younger kids.
You can find anything from duvet covers, posters, pillows, lights, cushions, storage boxes, lights, wall stickers, rugs and more to complete your theme.

Scandi Kids
Scandinavian chic is dominating the market right now. For modern parents who love the individual design and are looking for something other than what is available on the high street or in traditional stores, this is the style for you. It’s about mixing and matching styles and textures, like wooden toys and touches of metallic, combining soft tones with loud and funky prints, mixing monochrome with neutral palettes, and minimalistic with sweet details, this trend is full of charm.

Keep it simple
Finally, parents understand the importance of de-cluttering and keeping things to a minimum. A few good quality toys and accessories are all you need to make a change. One tip would be to go for toys or storage that also double as décor.

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