Tell us a bit about yourself? What are you most passionate about?

I’m passionate about life. About understanding and experiencing the truth in it. And about making the most out of it, living the most experiences and feelings. I’m passionate about travel, discovering the planet. I’m passionate about my kids, and how they grow up, and what they teach us. I’m passionate about helping them be the best version of human beings they could be. I’m passionate about love. I’m passionate about design and homes. About the history of Man, of families and countries.


Tell us a bit about your business.

My business (with my sister May) is about creating parallel universes, magical moments and emotions. From kids parties and grownup parties, to birth tables, we get to create and produce pretty little things that touch people in a pretty little way.


What inspired you to create such a business?

My sister and I always liked to style events and add a touch of graphic edge that would create an extra emotion. Doing that for our friends and families inspired us to do it for more people. We realized this was missing in the industry. POP POP DESIGN STUDIO is not like any other event company. Each party is unique, completely different from the others.  We approach the theme with a creative, edgy twist. We want to create emotions in parties and we treat the party as if it was ours.


How do you balance work and Motherhood?

By reducing the number of working hours, unfortunately working less, but gladly spending afterschool time with the kids. It’s hectic but rewarding. And by multitasking during many moments of the day, between kids and work, sometimes becoming borderline crazy with head overload, but working on staying calm and breathing.


What have you learned from motherhood that you would like to share with a new Mom?

When you start to “loose it”, stop, breathe and move aside. Come back to talk when calmer. Stay opened to learn from your kids. They have so much to teach you. Follow their rhythm from time to time. The cooler you are the cooler they’ll be. Empathize with them. Be true friends. Delegate to make your life easier. You can’t do it all. Take care of yourself. If you’re happy they’ll be happy. Spend 15 min a day one-on-one quality time with the kids. 1 time they choose what you’ll do together and 1 time you choose.


Can you describe a typical day?

Wake up at 6:15am, dress my daughter and take her to the bus (alternate with husband) Sometime sleep back until 8am, sometimes stay with my son until 8am. 8:30 drive my son to nursery. Start work. Until 2:30. Take my daughter from bus at 2:45pm. Spend chill time with her at home. Go get son at 4pm. Home or playdates. 5:30 prepare dinner. 6:00pm kids dinner then bath. Daddy gets home. Quality family time. 7:30 we start our sleeping routine. 8:30 dinner with husband. 9:30 and I’m out 🙂 hahahaha


Do you have a support system?

Yes. When too busy with work, I have options to pick up the kids: friend who has kid same nursery, sister, mother, husband’s sister. Nanny to stay with the kids a couple of hours. Neighbor to keep kids at if necessary.


Would you say you have reached your goal?

Not yet


What do you need to reach it?

More money. More time.


What do you do for fun?

Proximity tourism in Lebanon on some weekends, drink and party with close friends regularly, play at home with family.


What activity do you enjoy as a family? What’s your favorite family hangout?

Discovering new places, especially nature related. Spending time at home playing.


Favorite quote to live by?

“the secret of life is to see everything with a non-serious eye, but to be absolutely involved. It’s like a game.”


If you had to start up your business all over again what would you do differently?

No time to think about that


Who are your role models are what do you admire the most about them?

Ekhart tolle (more of a guru than a role model), his wisdom, his clarity My father, his positivity, his respect of everything around him, and how he made people feel


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