Fitness Hacks For Busy Mamas


Sticking to a fitness program can be a struggle for a busy mama! Sometimes squeezing a workout into your daily schedule can be almost impossible. However, there is nothing impossible for nowadays super Moms, especially if you really want to keep fit and stay in good shape all year long. Here are some tips:

Make it a habit
If you have a full-time job with lots of business meetings you definitely have an appointment calendar where you update your daily schedule. Make sure that you put your workout as one of your ”daily must ‘ appointments into your calendar. Never put exercise as an additional daily routine, because health is priority and fitness is a lifestyle.

Rise and shine
If you are going to have a hectic and busy day ahead and after which you will not be able to work out (as you have to spend time with your family and kids), then do your early morning workouts. Make sure to prepare all your workout clothes and plan the activity you will do the night before. In this case, you will not feel guilty about skipping your workout plus you will speed up your metabolic rate for the rest of the day

Not a morning person?
If your day is full of appointments, meetings and you cannot squeeze in a workout, still, no excuses…You can use your lunch break.  A 30 minutes brisk walk is considered a good workout mid-day, which will save you time for lunch as well. Order your food, do your high-intensity training, come back and have your lunch after.

No excuses
You do not need a gym or equipment to keep fit. You can exercise in the evening at home. Try to entertain your kids for 20 minutes and use this time to apply. If your children want to be involved you can always work out together. It’s even more fun 🙂  Remember that movement is the key.

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