Beach Essentials For New Mamas!


How blessed are we to be able to enjoy the sunshine all year long?
Sure temperatures peak during the late months of summer, but if you are a beach fanatic like most of the people living here, you can still enjoy two family fun-filled beach seasons in both spring and fall. So, all you need is a bit of planning to create some awesome memories splashing in the sun with your loved ones.
We’ve gathered all the essentials you will need for a fun family – bonding experience.

A baby tent
A necessity for shelter and shade, try to find one that is easy to fold yet big enough to fit in it a small inflatable baby pool for when those UV rays peak mid-day and add in a few bath toys to keep your baby happy and well entertained.

Keep a 50+ baby sunscreen in your pouch to reapply several times during your stay.

Ophthalmologists recommend sunglasses to all children under 10 to keep their eyes protected, hats are also a good way to keep the eyes and scalp safe.

Baby powder
Baby powder helps to remove the sand quickly without irritating the skin

Changing essentials
Make sure you have enough swimming diapers, wipes  (a whole lot of wipes) and an extra pair of clothes

A small cooler
Fill it with healthy snacks and bottled water for you and your baby, keep your babies’ meals time in mind and pack all feeding essentials you might be needing.

Sealed waterproof bags
They come in handy in keeping your wallet and phone safe and dry. You can also use them to organize extra clothing, diapers or snacks.
When it comes to dirty diapers, at this point, consider those little plastic bags your life savior!


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