A Look Inside The Imaginative World Of Henrietta With Children Author – Nicola Houlton


What inspired you to write a book for children?
I always had a creative imagination. I used to love the outdoors as a little girl and would take my friends along to visit my fantasy world. I’m thankful that I am now living my own dream, combining my crazy imagination with my passion for writing. Took me a while, but I’m here!

How did Henrietta’s world come to be?  
I’ve created Henrietta the hippo when I was nine. A huge part of her world is inspired by my own childhood. I used to run off to my bedroom every night to note down her adventures. I always knew what I wanted to be when I grew up – a children’s author

What is Henrietta like? And why did you picture her as a hippo?
Henrietta is the child in me that never went away. A spirited little girl who loves to meet up with her friends in the playground and invite them into her imaginary world! I don’t picture myself as a Hippo J she is just a reflection of what I had in mind at the time.

Do you rely only on memories for inspiration?
Everything around me inspires me. Every detail of my daily life. I could be sitting there having a cup of coffee and suddenly grab my pen to note down my thoughts.
I’m also inspired by my niece and nephew. They think of me as the cool aunty, who joins in on all the fun! I love to play with them and watch them play as well. You can say that I rely on them for market research 🙂

Who are the other characters in the book?
I just created the characters. Tommy the Tuscan is my best friends’ son, who’s a bright and cool young boy, and I think that Gigi the giraffe is my cousin. I didn’t realize that at the time. I think it subconsciously reminded me of my cousin because Gigi is clumsy just like her, but it wasn’t intentional.

What values would you like to install in little kids, through your books?
I truly believe that imagination is everything! I was born in the 80’s and childhood was much different then. Technology has changed the way children are raised. Nowadays, to unplug a child from an iPad or other devices is every parents’ challenge. I want to encourage children to enjoy the outdoors and have dress up parties, Laugh and cry and live their little adventures.
I also try to make my stories enjoyable for mothers as well.
When moms are relaxed and happy children would be encouraged to read and learn, which makes this moment even more precious for both.
With creativity the possibilities are endless.

Favorite quote to live by?
Karma! Be your own person and treat others as you want to be treated.

Who inspires you as a writer?
Jacqueline Wilson is my inspiration. I loved reading her books as a child. Such great characters and stories. I wouldn’t be surprised if my mum still has my book collection.

Where can we find your stories?
Henrietta’s chocolate kingdom is available on Amazon and a new adventure is coming soon. You can also check my websites to get to know Henrietta a little better on www.henriettasworld.com
FB: @HenriettasWorld
IG: @henriettasworld


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